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During my most recent endeavor, I oversaw the Application Development department for Malibu Boats (MBUU) a $1.2 billion luxury boating company.

As Malibu had grown through product demand and company acquisitions, I worked to build a division that supports 13 facilities and numerous departments. My team consists of nearly 30 in-house and contract developers. Together, we built, maintained, and supported nearly 50 distinct applications. In addition, I was responsible for developing and implementing the strategy around our company’s coding standards and architecture. In my role, I also operated as the DevOps lead helping to bridge the gap between our system team and my development team to provide the optimal developer experience.

I now am excited to have the opportunity to serve local communities and share the knowledge that I gain!

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LinkedIn Recommendations

Greg Ward - Vice President, Information Systems and Technology at Malibu Boats
Michael Heller - Director, Infrastructure and Support at Malibu Boats

I have nothing but the upmost respect for Arjun and believe he is one of the best at application developers and IT support that I have ever come across. Giving 110% at whatever he works at, he truly is not only a great co-worker, but a great friend and colleague.
I'm blessed to have had the time I did with him, and I will always recommend Arjun to any company interested in taking their goals to the next level.

Ronnie Hanline - Senior Creative Manager at Malibu Boats

When we worked together on projects, I was impressed by his ability to explain technical concepts in simplified terms. This was especially valuable in cross functional meetings.
Patience may be the trait that I appreciate most in Arjun. He was always kind and generous with his time even when I was asking him to explain blockchain!
I am glad to call Arjun a friend and recommend him.

Zac Lemons - Chief Financial Officer at Royal Brass & Hose
Jane Schlegel - Director of Marine Operations at Camping World
Julie Ann McKeehan

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